What Is A Positive Care Environment?


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A positive care environment brings service users the understanding that they are treated both with respect and as individuals. The needs of each individual are to be met by service staff and it must be appreciated that these requirements will be varied.  Service staff should also recognise that everyone has their own choices and preferences.
This sort of care practice brings benefits to the service user by creating a caring environment. There are many relevant acts of legislation that encourage this framework by promoting a positive care practice and as such social workers must adhere to several laws. A positive care environment promotes empowerment of the individuals in care, as well as a sense of well being and equal opportunity.
The policy also safeguards human rights and maintains confidence in the professional standards of care homes and care professionals.
The framework also provides the ability to choose and maintain a quality of life for an individual or the individuals in any one care home.
A positive care environment is created through the following of key policies both within the home itself and legal guidelines from above.

These all ensure the maintenance of a quality and caring environment. This can all be helped through a mixture of strategies and structures in a number of different areas:
1) Management should commit and lead by example.
2) Support structures should be in place to foster strong and helpful relationships for employees and staff.
3) There should also be education and support opportunities for training and advancement.
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A positive care environment is creating a care practice that brings benefits to the service user. Relevant legislation acts a framework to promote positive care practice as social care workers must adhere to these laws when carrying out their work. The general benefits to the service user include:
Promotes Health and Wellbeing
Promotes Equality of Opportunity
Safeguards Human Rights
Maintains Confidence on Care Professionals and Standards
Promotes Rights and Choices
Maintains Quality of Life

Legislation which promotes positive care environment includes:
Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001
Data Protection Act (1988)
NHS and Community Care Act (1990) and
Community Care and Health (Scotland) Act 2002: This list is not exaustive!

Hope this helps
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The three main areas in which you create a positive care environment ..1. Through policies2. Practices - following procedures3. Abiding by the lawPolicies are as following:a the rights of service users when accessing servicesb the potential barriers experienced by that service user group whenaccessing services, and the effects of these barriersc practitioner and organisational policies and practices designed tocreate a positive care environment, application of relevant policiesand procedures adopted and implemented by the organisation whichpromote positive access for their particular service user groupThanksAvelina
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A positive care environment is created by allowing service users to understand that they are recognised as individuals and their needs and wants will be met by service staff, as every individuals needs differ everyone has their own choice and preference.
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A care environment can be your home to the hospital.  It also is neighbourhoods and communities. 

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