What Does Flirt Mean?


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The word 'flirt' describes a kind of behaviour that you have towards someone and you act in such a manner towards the person whom you find that he or she is attractive in a the sexual way. The distinct feature of this phenomenon is that you find the person attractive, but you have no intention to have a serious relationship with that person.

You might have come across the use of the word quite often in business newspapers where there are so many instances are coming into the lime light and they say that some male employees has harassed some female employee and vice versa. The descriptions that have been given in those newspapers are exact description of flirtation as there is no intention on any one's part to have a serious relation ship with the colleagues.
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Flirt or flirting is a type of human communication, typically put across a sexual or passionate concentration in the other individual. It can comprise discussion, body lingo, or making contact with body briefly or shortly. It may be one-sided or joint.
Flirting is seldom used as a way of conveying concentration and estimating the other person's attention in courtship that can carry on into extended relationships.

On the other hand, it may just be a prologue to informal sex with no ongoing affiliation. It possibly can be done merely for instant amusement or pleasure, with no purpose of increasing any extra association. This kind of flirting every now and then features disapproval from others, moreover because it can be misunderstood as more severe, or it may be out looked as "cheating" if the individual is before now in a passionate relationship with somebody else.

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