What Does Adjudicated Mean?


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What does it mean that an issue regarding the claimant's reason for separation, affecting benefits was adjudicated.
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Adjudication basically is a legal procedure via which an authority or judge evaluates evidence or argumentation which also comprises legal reasoning put forward by rival parties or litigants to come to a conclusion which decides rights and requirements among the parties which are concerned.

Adjudication is also said to be a method via which a winner is obtained. In reference to security clearances Adjudication basically is the procedure openly following a background examination, where the examination outcomes are evaluated to conclude whether an applicant should be granted a security clearance.

Where as in reference to young children or minors, the expression adjudicated address children which are under a court's jurisdiction normally because of being involved in antisocial behaviour and do not have an official guardian or caretaker who can be entrusted with being accountable for that particular minor.

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