What Does Jurisdiction Mean?


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The word jurisdiction is defined as legal power. It is a term which is used in the field of law to refer to the rights and powers of those professionals who are from the field of law to interpret the law and then to apply the law.

In the field of law, the word jurisdiction also refers to the territory or area within the limits of which these legal powers and rights can be exercised by professionals from the legal field. The term jurisdiction is a word which can basically be used in various contexts.

It basically refers either to the powers and rights or the authority of a court of law which it exercises when it is in the process of hearing a case and of conducting the trial or to the geographical area in which a court of law has these powers and rights or the types of cases which it has the powers and rights to hear.
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In terms of law jurisdiction is generally the realistic authority developed to a officially constituted legal body or to a political leader to contract with and make pronouncements on officially permitted matters and, by inference, to order justice within a definite area of accountability. It is derived from the Latin word jus, juris, which means "law" and dicere meaning "to speak".
It basically pulls its substance from Public International Law, Conflict of Laws, Constitutional Law and the powers of the decision-making and lawmaking branches of government to allot property to most excellent serve the requirements of its inhabitant society.
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He right and power to interpret and apply the law
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Law within a certain boundary or border.

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