How Do You Define Communicative Arts?


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The term communicative arts is the collective name given to advertising, journalism, public relations and other media-related areas of work and study. These disciplines are also referred to as mass communication.

Mass communication is defined as the term used to describe the academic study of various types of media. Individuals and organisations use mass media to communicate messages and information to large segments of the population at once.

Mass communication has a very wide scope, both theoretically and practically. It is taught in many universities all over the world as an academic course. Many communication studies institutes tend to aim at imparting the qualitative, interpretative, theoretical, cultural and critical aspects of mass communication to the students and deal with subjects as diverse as theatre, cinema or speech. On the other hand, mass communication is more a research and analysis based field of media. More professionalism, however, is needed in the day-to-day functioning of mass communication institutions.

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