How Can We Define Decoration?


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Decoration is defined as something used to decorate or beautify or enhance the appearance of an object. Another definition of the word decoration is an award given to the winner of a championship or a medal used to commemorate an event. Decoration is the act of decoration and thereby making the appearance of an object more attractive.

There are various methods of decorating an object. These are etching, light carving, medium carving, deep carving, heavy carving, faceted carving, grooved carving, pierced carving and inlaid carving.

On festivals such as Christmas, many people like to proudly show off their artistic talent by decorating the house with various Christmas symbols. One of the popular Christmas decorations, apart from the Christmas tree and the mistletoe, is a wreath, chain or string made of flowers, leaves, vines etc., which is worn to celebrate the occasion. Nowadays, it is commonly noticed that many a times, the decorations tend to hide the objects they decorate and this takes away the focus from the decorated thing and shifts it onto the elaborate decoration. It is best to avoid too flashy a decoration and kept it simpler.

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