What Does Non-fiction Mean?


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Non-fiction means factual or true-to-life. It is an account of something which is established as factual evidence or a fact at the time of writing. The non-fictional body of work may be for or against the subject in question. Usually the author who writes the non-fiction believes that whatever is given in the non-fiction is true to his reasoning. It may happen that in due course of time, the truthfulness of the content in a non-fiction may be refuted.

Some of the examples of non-fictional work are essays, documentaries, scientific paper, biographies, blueprints, user-manuals, journalist pieces, diagrams and photographs. While writing a non-fiction, the author typically presents his view directly and with clarity. A non-fictional work is written with the idea that the reader or viewer has an intrinsic interest or some pre-existing knowledge of the content.
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Mean that is true in real life or its just real
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Non-fictional means something which is true and has happened.the opposite of it is fiction, which means something which was invented for a story and did not really happen.

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