What Does Lolitia Mean?


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Lolitia or Lolita means a very seductive and an attractive young girl in a good or bad sense. In internet terminology, it means a very young girl who is barely legal. It can also mean an under age girl. The name seems to be derived from a Sanskrit word 'Lalita' which means playful and charming. Lolita was a very famous novel by Vladimir Nabokov back in 1955, where a young girl falls in love with a middle aged man and vice versa. A movie of the same name and story was also released in 1962 and 1997. Lolita fashion is a very popular fashion style in Japan. It usually consists of clothes from the old English Victorian age comprising of skirts and petticoats. There are many forms of Lolita fashion such as Gothic Lolita and Punk Lolita.

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