How Do You Say 'Good Morning' In French?


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To say "Good morning" in French, you'd say "Bonjour." This literally translates as "good day," but is used to mean good morning, good afternoon, hello... Basically, it's an all-purpose greeting that you can use at any time but the evening.

Different Greetings and Goodbyes in French
  • Bonjour (see above!)
  • Salut = "Hi" or "hello." Strangely enough, this also means "Bye!"
  • Bonsoir = "Good evening"
  • Au revoir = "Goodbye," or "until we meet again"
  • À bientôt = "See you soon!"
  • À demain! = "See you tomorrow!"

The literal translation of "Good morning" would be "bon matin," but nobody says that, so try one of the above instead.
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sounds like: Boh[n]-JOOR (the [n] indicates a nasal vowel)

The phrase "bon matin" (the literal translation of good morning) is never used as a greeting.

The French don't say Good Morning. From daybreak they say Good Day, which is Bonjour (pronounced bon-sjure)
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You can also say Salut as well (you don't pronounce the t ). It is more of an informal hello.

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