How Do You Say, "Good Morning, Everybody" In Japanese?


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You say “good morning, everybody” in Japanese like this:

Ohayō Daredemo.

If you were to write out this phrase, you would do it like this:


There are different ways to say this greeting, depending on who you are speaking to. If you wanted to use the very polite version of the greeting, you would say:

Ohayō gozaimasu.

The latter is a suffix that is used to denote humility, in a sense, and it is often used in greetings such as good morning, including a handful of others.

If you want to learn more Japanese, you can visit the blog of the Japanese Professor for some basic lessons.

Here is a video of some common phrases being spoken in Japanese:

Hearing the language spoken allows you to perfect not only the phrasing, but also the accent.

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