How do you say "good morning" in Singapore?


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The official languages of Singapore include Mandarin, Malay, English and Tamil, so how you say “good morning” will depend on the language you choose to speak.

If you were to be speaking Tamil, for example, you would say:

"Kaalai Vanakkam"

You can learn more common Tamil phrases here.

If you were to be speaking mandarin, on the other hand, you would say:

"Tzao aun"

You can watch the words “good morning” being spoken in Mandarin right here:

This is how you would say “good morning” in Malay:

"Selamat Pagi"

For more common phrases in Malay, visit

Remember, if you are trying to speak another language, it is just as important to focus on how you are saying the words as it is saying the right words, so make sure you work on your accent!

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