What Does The Word Capping Mean?


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The word capping is defined as a procedure which entails the effecting of transactions of commodity and security shortly before the expiry date of an option. This procedure helps to depress or prevent a rise in the price of that commodity or security. It is a term commonly used in investment terminology.

This term is also used to describe the internet activity of looking at a screen capture and giving it a caption to suit the picture or the visual. It can be done for any purpose but is usually employed to give a humorous touch to the screen capture which is also known as screengrab. This started with the popular TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000.
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Capped means to be shot with a gun turned to its side : Blood I'm going to cap you!
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Capping comes from the noun or verb "cap." This word usually refers to a soft, often peaked, hat or similar head covering. However, it has other meanings based on the idea of "putting something on top of something else," usually with the idea of putting a limit on something or preventing it (in the same way that putting a cap on your head stops it getting cold.

In this sense we can talk about capping teeth, or "getting your teeth capped." This means putting a permanent cover on top of a tooth to prevent decay. National or loval government can also "cap" or "put a cap on" spending by a certain department, or on the rates it can charge for a service ("The government is talking about capping council tax rates.")

Capping can also occasionally refer to an award, such as a sports prize or, in some countries, a degree.

It is sometimes used as a metaphor, eg "The mountain was capped with snow."

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