What Does 'Start-up Cost' Means?


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"Start-up Cost" cover all the expenses that used for starting up a business at the beginning. The cost include: Company registration, patent, register for value added tax etc.
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The term 'start-up cost' is formed of two words 'start-up and 'cost' and the separate meaning of both the words can convey the meaning of the whole term.

Start-up is a word that is used for a company that has just been started operating. The word is basically used for an internet company and as there are a lot of companies that are getting registered to operate in the area of internet, the use of the word is getting popular each passing day.

Cost is a word that is used to say about the amount that is requited for any operation to start.

So the term 'start-up' can be used in the business terminology to convey the idea of the amount required to start a company particularly an internet company.

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