What Does Sophomore Mean?


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Sophomore is a term widely used in the educational universities in the United States of America.
It refers to a student who is studying in the second year of their bachelor's degree in their college or university. It also refers to a student in the tenth grade of a school in the United States. It also refers to a person who is in their second year of carrying a task/endeavour. It also refers to a product/artwork which is second in the series. The noun "Sophomore" appears to be derived from the Greek words "Sophos" meaning wise and "Moros" meaning fool or even stupid in folk etymology. A sophomore is senior to a "freshman", a student who is in the first year of university/college education in the United States.

There is also a comedy movie called "The Sophomore" made in the year 1929. It is about a college sophomore who gets into trouble by spending all the tuition fees on the first day of college and falls in love with girl, who helps him to pay his tuition fees, in the midst of an exciting baseball match.

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