What Does The Surname Hassell Mean?


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The name Hassel is a male name. It is used mostly as a surname, al though the use of the name Hassle as a first name is not non – existing but it is not very common. There fore, the name Hassel can be easily classified as a surname rather than a first name. It is rarely or never used as a first names for girls, though the use of this name as a first name for boys does exist.

The male name Hassle is believed to have lower Saxony and according to certain sources, this sur name is of German origin. The meaning and origin of this name is not exactly know but there are certain theories pertaining to it. For example, the theory which states that the origin of the name Hassel is German would believe that this name means " the place where the Hazel Trees grow". This meaning originates from the Germanic Hasel or Hassel meaning hazel trees.

There also is another theory about the origin and meaning of the sur name Hassel or Hasel, which states that this name is of English Origin. According to the English origin of the name, the meaning of this name is "the Witches' corner".
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Hassell is an uncommon name. Its origin could possibly come from two sources, One being a place called "hassall" or named as "haett's hollow". The second one derived from the term "haetse" which is known as witch.

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Hassell is derived from the Old English byname Haett which means hat or possibly originates from the Old English word haegatesse which means witch. It has also been suggested that it is derived from the Old English word halh which means nook or recess.

Hassell is also the surname of several famous people. Ulrich von Hassell was a German politician who was very active during the Second World War. He served in the German Foreign Office and was appointed ambassador to Copenhagen, Barcelona, and Belgrade in his career. Bobby Hassell is an English football player. At this time he is playing for Barnsley for whom he has scored two goals. He wears the number two jersey. He began his career in Mansfield Town in 1996. Gerald Hasell was the director of the Bank of New York and the President of the Bank of New York Company.

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