What Does Buenos Noches Bonita Senorita Mean?


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It means 'good night, pretty señorita (beautiful lady).' If you go to another country or are speaking to someone from another country, it is always better to know some courtesy statements. Just like 'buenos noches' means goodnight; 'buenas dias' means good morning and 'buenas tardes' means good afternoon. Here are some of the other Spanish courtesy words and their meanings:
Hola - hi, Adiós - good bye, Muy bein, gracias - Very well, thank you, Bienvenido - Welcome
Me llamo - My name is…

Thus, if you are wished 'bochenos noches bonita senorita,' you can return the favour by saying 'buonas noches sir, gracias mucho' (Goodnight sir, thank you very much). There is a language tool on the front page of Google. All you have to do is click on 'language tools,' and write whatever text you want and translate it into any language.
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Good nite pretty lady

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