What Does Soothing Mean?


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Soothing is a feeling, an experience of relaxation. A soothing experience relates to a quiet and very comforting experience where in, a person experiences a trance-like environment within their mind, body and soul. Soothe is the verb form of soothing. To soothe means to relax. A soothing experience can ease the pain and make the person less angry, irritated and anxious. During muscle pain or any other pain in the body, an ointment is applied or a medicine is taken to soothe the pain. In this case, it means to relieve the physical pain from the body.

Soothing has many synonyms such as calming, comforting, restful, gentle, peaceful and relaxing. The antonym of soothing is disturbing, distracting, irritating, painful, frustrating, irksome, infuriating and annoying.

During times of agony and pain, people listen to soothing music as it relaxes the muscles of the body and calms down the mind.
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The term 'soothing' means 'having a sedative effect' or 'tend to soothe'. It means to bring comfort in anything. The adverb or soothing is soothingly and noun is soothing.

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