What Does Sedative Mean?


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Sedative is a substance that reduces nervous tension. It generally has relaxing, calming, soothing effects. Sedatives have the capability to calm the nerves, dispel excitement, stimulate relaxation, and are beneficial to sleep. Thus it is a drug which depresses the activity of the central nervous system and slows down physical, emotional and mental processes. They are also known as tranquillizers or depressants. An over dosage of sedatives can lead to unconsciousness and death.

They are used for medicinal purposes by doctors to soothe the patient and rid him of his anxieties. All sedatives can cause physiological and psychological dependence if taken regularly for a period of time and hence is not prescribed unless it is necessary. If the regular consumption of sedatives is stopped abruptly then the users would have to face withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, lack of sleep, anxiety, convulsions and even death.

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