How Many Definitions Can You Relate To The Word Sanguine, Or One Of Its Forms?


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This is SO funny.  I just got a book by Florence Littauer who wrote "Personality Plus" which is a book on trying to understanding others.  She describes the four basic personalities:  Sanguine, Melancholy, Choleric and Phlegmatic.  Here are a few adjectives describing a Sanguine personality:  Good sense of humor, curious, Life of party, talkative and storyteller, sincere at heart, always a child.  This is soooo you, Miss Penny!
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Hey! I read that book, Too! Ha! Most people I know will go, "huh?" When I use those words! Ha! I am a Melancholy-Phegmatic! My Son is a Saguine-Phlegmatic..
...Yes, a Saguine is always, child-like, lfe of the party, friendly...I at times
feel Saguine-like, but I'm an Aquarius, and we can be Saguine-like...My husband is also Saguine -Phlegmatic----Phlegmatic is laid-back, peaceful-type....
...When I bought the book, my son also really got into it, too...We both like to know what makes a person tick!!
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You never cease to amaze me lady, I love this answer!!!!
Pamela Krueger
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I am a Phlegmatic/Melancholy/Sanguine mix! Weird huh?? My husband is a choleric/Melancholy so our marriage is never boring! LOL We've been together for 19 years and still have fun...guess you learn to adapt to each others quirks.

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