What Does 'Founded' Mean?


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Founded is a past tense of the verb found. This verb found has two different meanings. When something is established or set up, it is said to have founded. The thing or structure is founded to continue and progress in the future. For example: the school was founded in 1948. The sentence explains that the school was established so as to progress and continue its existence. Founded could also mean 'to have established the foundation or base for something.' For example: Newton founded the theory of gravity. This verb has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word fundare and fundus. Fundus means bottom.
It was then adapted by the Old French as fonder and the Middle English as 'founden'.

Another meaning of the verb founded is 'to have melted (usually a metal) and poured into a mould. It could also mean 'to have made (objects) by pouring out molten material into moulds'. This word originated from Latin word 'fundere'.

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