What Does Degradation Mean?


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The word degradation typically means changing to a lower state (possibly a less respected state); or it could mean abasement, that is, a low or downcast state. Degradation is a noun which may refer to the act or the process of degrading. It may refer to the decline to a state that is low, demoralized or destitute. It could refer to moral or intellectual decadence as in degeneration. Degeneration as a noun may refer to the process of degenerating or else the state of being degenerate.

A number of other things that the term degradation, could refer to could include, biodegradation, chemical decomposition, degradation (telecommunications), degradation ceremony and elegant degradation (engineering). In geology it means a common lowering of the surface of the earth due to erosion or weathering. In chemistry it refers to the decomposition of a compound. In Computer Science it is the state a computer operates in when it lacks some of its memory or its peripherals.

Degradative is the adjective form of the word degradation.

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