What Does Jetty Mean?


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The jetty has its origin in Old French and is taken from the 'Jetee'. Jetee is the feminine past participle of jeter. The French verb 'jeter' means 'to project or show'. Jetty is a wharf, pier, bed, hammock, billet, compartment, cot, dock, haven, port, or slip. It could also mean harbour, embankment, landing, landing pier, berth, levee, quay, headland, jutty, foreland, peninsula, point, anchorage, bay, gulf, roadstead, bight, breakwater, cove, firth, inlet, and buttress. This structure, 'jetty', protects a harbour or an embankment from erosion and storms. It projects into the water-body and affects the current of water.

Jetty could also be used to describe something that resembles a jet, especially in texture. The quality of being black or of the colour of a jet addressed as jetty. Here, jetty is an adjective. For example: jetty tresses. It means tresses which were jetty or black.

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