What Does Leeward Mean?


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Leeward refers to the course in which the wind is blowing. It is the side away from the wind or the direction opposite from where the wind is blowing. The side from which the wind is blowing is known as windward. Hence leeward is the opposite or the antonym of windward. Leeward side is sheltered from the wind and is going downwind. It is pronounced as "loow'rd".

The terms leeward and windward has a lot of meteorological significance. In simple terms they are called as down-wind and up-wind. Sailors and seamen used these terms to refer to an archipelago and the different sides of a single island. The leeward side of an island would generally be drier than the windward side. Thus leeward and windward are important terms related to weather and climatic factors of oceanic islands. They are also used in sailing and describing the types of sailing vessels.

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