How Do You Say Goodnight Sweet Dreams In French?


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The English phrase 'good night, sweet dreams,' translates into French as 'bonne nuit, doux reves.'

The phrase can be broken down as follows:

'Good' in French is 'bon', while 'night' is 'nuit'. Due to the way certain adjectives work with nouns in French, the two words together become 'bonne nuit.'

'Sweet' in French becomes 'doux', and the French for dreams is 'reves', which is where we get the English word 'reverie'.

The French phrase 'fais de beaux rêves' means 'make beautiful dreams' and is a more popular phrase than 'bonne nuit, doux reves' so perhaps use this instead when saying goodnight!

Other French Farewells

Goodbye - Au revoir

'bye - salut

See you in a moment - A tout de suite

See you soon - A bientot

See you tomorrow - A demain

Have a nice evening - bonne soiree

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