What Does Edict Mean?


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An edict refers to a proclamation, a public statement or an announcement made by an authority commanding legal powers. A decree or a judgment issued by the king or some such high authority also mean an edict. An edict can also be referred to as a policy statement. By virtue of the issuance of an edict, everyone in the organization becomes aware of the change being done.

There is a slight difference between a public proclamation and an edict. The former refers to an announcement of a law prior to its actual ratification or enactment. An edict on the contrary, puts a new act or decree into effect. In other words, a formal proclamation means an edict. Usually the monarchy is associated with edicts. For example, the edicts of emperor Ashoka were a set of 33 inscriptions on the pillar of Ashoka constructed by the emperor of the Mauryan dynasty during his rule from 272 to 231 BC.

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