What Does Teuch Mean?


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It is a slang term for buttocks (glutius maximus).
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Teuch is the name of a community in Nova Scotia. The full name of this place is Necum Teuch. It is pronounced as nee-comm-taw. It is a small community based on the eastern shore of Halifax Regional Municipality. This municipality is a Canadian regional municipality and is also referred to as HRM. It is also the capital of Nova Scotia, a Canadian province. Halifax Municipality is also a flourishing and the largest urban population centre in the Atlantic Provinces.

Teuch or Necum Teuch is based in the Musquodoboit region. This region is also known as the Sheet Harbour region and is located in the Marine Drive of Route 7 in Nova Scotia. It is a valley and a rural region in Nova Scotia. This community has lot of scarecrows which are used by the residents to protect their lands or agricultural fields from the birds who eat away all the grains and crops.

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