What Does Raffia Mean?


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Raffia is a tropical palm tree. It is very well known for its leaves; they are compound leaves up to 18m (60 feet) in length and 4m (13 feet) in width, making them the longest in the plant kingdom.

Raffia has a number of uses. The fibre obtained from raffia is of commercial importance. Some of the uses are given below:

• The dried leaves of the raffia can be stripped and woven into fabric.

• Shredded raffia is used as an embellishing item for decorating several African masks and sculptural forms.

• The dried leaves and fibres of this palm tree are used to make decorative as well as utility items like mats, baskets and so on.

• The fibre of raffia forms an important component in making hats and baskets, as it is used as light cordage.

• Raffia trees are used in construction in their native lands.

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