Which Is Correct: He Is Bigger Than Me? Or He Is Bigger Than I?


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Bigger than I (am big)," is correct. You'd never say, "Bigger than me (is big)."
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The correct sentence is "He is bigger than I". Would you say" he's bigger than me am."? No, but you would say, "he's bigger than I am." Drop the "am" and what do you get?
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The proper sentence is "He is bigger than me." GENERAL RULE: Use "I" when you are the subject, e.g. "I went to the mall." Use "me" when you are the object of the sentence, e.g. "He hates me." Reflexive pronouns, e.g. "myself" are used to refer back to the subject, e.g. "I gave myself a hernia."
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You are using the wrong rule. "When a pronoun follows than in sentences like this, it should be in the nominative case since it is the subject of the verb that is “understood.” Is is the verb that is understood at the end of the above sentence.
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English can be a very confusing languages as far as its grammatical rules are concerned. The proper way to write the above sentence is as follows:
He is bigger than me.

The key is that I is never used while doing comparisons with another individual.
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I don't think any of the above explanations are all that insightful, and it's still unclear what is correct.  Consider the following two examples, which I think are correct:

She weighs more than I (weigh).
She is as big as I (am big).

But it doesn't seem right to say:  She is bigger than I (am bigger), because there is another implied comparison:  I am bigger than what/whom?  Also, I don't think the implied is "She is bigger than I am big."  Correct would be something as follows:

She is bigger than him than I am bigger than him.  So she is bigger than me.  She is biggest.  I am big.  He is not so big.

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