What Does Opacity Mean?


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The term opacity is a noun meaning the state or quality of being opaque. It could refer to something opaque. It could simply be used as a synonym for the terms obscurity or impenetrability. The word opacity could also be used in a general sense to mean dullness of mind.

In terms of optics, opacity is used to refer to opaque material that is impenetrable to visible light. In the field of politics, the term may be used to allude to governmental decision-making which is not publicly conducted. It may specifically refer to the phenomenon of not allowing electromagnetic radiation to pass through. The terms "opacity" as well as "opaque" may be used in various contexts to describe things that are not transparent.

Opacity has its roots in the French term opacité; from the Old French; coming from the Latin word opacitas; from opacus, meaning dark.

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