What Does The Word Amour Mean?


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Amour is an English word. It means a love affair or an illicit or secret love affair. For example, their amour was kept from the public eye for quite a while, which means that the love affair was kept a secret and common public had no knowledge of it as such for a while. The origin of the word is from Latin amor which means love, and from amre, which means to love.

The adjective of amour is amorous, in old French amoureus. This means strongly attracted to love and especially sexual love. It also indicates love or sexual desire such as an amorous glance. A poem or prose is said to be amorous when it is associated with love. As a sentence one can use it as – he was amorous towards her from their very first meeting which means he felt attracted towards from the time they met. Throwing a kiss at a person or acts of hugging and kissing could be categorized as amorous gestures.

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