What Does En Route Mean?


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En route literally means on the way. It is used to indicate something on the path while travelling. Thus it means on the way or along the way. It is a French word and an adverb form. It is an abbreviation. The word en route can be used in a sentence in ways like "the ruined castle is en route to grandpa's house", "her house is en route to my house" and so on.

En route is also the name of a famous German film released in 2004. It was written and directed by Jan Kruger. It was awarded the "Tiger Award" at the Rotterdam Film Festival in 2004. It was produced by Florian Koerner and starred by Florian Panzner and
Martin Kiefer. Its duration was of 80 minutes.

En route is also the name of a Canadian in-flight magazine that belongs to Air Canada. It is bilingual and is published in both French and English. It is available for free on all Air Canada flights.
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En route is a term that is derived from the French language. En route literally means 'in' (English translation for the French counterpart 'en') 'route' (the English and French meanings are the same).

En route has two meanings, each of which are given below, supported with suitable examples:

The first meaning of en route is 'on the way'. An example to explain this meaning would be… En route to the city, John crossed an expansive desert.

The other meaning for en route is 'via'. The example for this meaning would be as follows… I thought of visiting the Himalayas en route Himachal Pradesh in India.

Both the meanings of the term are closely related to each other, as both of them pertain to the aspect of travelling.

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