What Does Okoboji Mean?


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The word 'okoboji' has three different meanings and has a vague origin. The name 'okoboji' has Dakatoh Indian origin. It is taken from the word Okoboozy. Okoboozhy means 'reeds and rushes'. This name was given to the East Okoboji Lake located in the Dickinson County of the Iowa State of the United States of America. This is a shallow lake and has an average depth of 10 feet (or three meters). The maximum depth of this lake is 22 feet (seven meters).

Another meaning of the word Okoboji is in the Dakotah Indian word Minnetonka or Minnewaukon, Minnetonka means 'great water'. The depth of this lake is 136 feet (41 meters). It is the deepest lake in Iowa. Okoboji was defined as 'A place of a Rest' by Dr Thomas H. Mac Bride.

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