What Does Mayer Mean?


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Mayer is a boy's name but is also a popular surname. It is believed to be of Hebrew, Latin and mostly German origin. Its meaning ranges from farmer and larger to shining and brighter.

As a surname it has been the last name of several famous personalities including Simon Mayer a German Composer, Louis Burt Mayer the co-founder of MGM studios or Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and credited for its stewardship, Adolf Mayer the first person to transmit mosaics of tobacco, Tobias Mayer a famous astronomer from Germany, Nathaniel Mayer a Detroit singer, John Clayton Mayer a Grammy award winning guitarist and singer and many other famous Mayers.

Perhaps the most famous and affluent bearers of this name are the Mayer Amschel Rothschild family. The family is believed to be influential enough to set international gold prices and their wealth had got them such power that they financed England's war effort during the Napoleonic wars.
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Include in your list of famous Mayer-s also Robert Mayer, (Julius ROBERT MAYER, 1814 –1878) who is credited for the physical law of energy conservation.

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