What Does Tardy Mean?


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The word tardy is another word which means late or belated. It means someone or something that occurs, arrives, does (something) or acts after the schedule time of start, the expected time or the usual time. The other synonyms which are closest to the word tardy are delayed, behind, behindhand, overdue, slow and sluggish. The antonym of the word tardy is prompt. A tardy person is also defined as one who moves slowly or is sluggish.

It is an alteration of the spelling of the Middle English word tardive. The word tardive also means slow. It is, in turn, derived from the Old French word tardif. The word tardif has, in turn, been derived from the Vulgar Latin word tardivus, which has, in turn, been derived from the Latin word tardus. The comparative, superlative, adjective and noun forms of the word tardy are the words tardier, tardiest, tardily and tardiness respectively.
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Tardy means to shut up

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