What Does Tableau Mean?


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Tableau implies "vivid description or a graphic depiction." The other synonyms of the word "tableau" are picture, montage, scene, representation etc. Here is a sentence with the word "tableau" in it:

The movie was a tableau on the dead poet's life.

A Tableau also refers to a short period of time in a scene where all the performers on the stage or in a movie freeze in position briefly and then resume the action as previous. Tableau can also be termed as a dramatic scene. 'Tableau vivant' refers to a motionless performance in theatre. An outstanding accompanying scene in the background, for example a long shot of soldiers standing in a row, (as in the movie Braveheart) is also called as tableau. It can also mean a group of people arranged in a vivid manner in a medium like painting. The word in French means "a table."

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