How Can You Say 'You're Funny' In French?


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There are actually a couple of ways to say “You’re funny” in French! Luckily, you can use them interchangeably:

Using Drôle
  • Vous êtes drôle / tu es drôle = “You (formal/plural) / you (informal) are funny”
This one’s probably the easier option, as it doesn’t vary all that much!

Using Marrant(e)
Now, this one gets a bit trickier.
  • Tu es marrant = You’re funny (singular, masculine)
  • Tu es marrante = You’re funny (singular, feminine)
  • Vous êtes marrants = You’re funny (plural, masculine)
  • Vous êtes marrantes = You’re funny (plural, feminine)
  • Vous êtes marrant = You’re funny (formal, masculine, singular)
  • Vous êtes marrante = You’re funny (formal, feminine, singular)
Luckily you don’t pronounce the S at the end of the word – imagine how confusing it would get then!

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