How Do You Say "How Are You?" In Chinese?


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Phonetically speaking, how are you in Chinese is difficult to state exactly how this should be said but if you follow this link you can listen to how it should sound (,or.r_g). This website will allow you to translate any word or sentence from English to Chinese and will show you how it is written, how it sounds and will allow you to listen to it being spoken.

About 1.3 billion people in the world speak Chinese. However, it is a very difficult language to grasp in that it is very different to most other languages. For example, if you are English and want to learn Spanish or French, you will find many similarities in words. Often the main difference comes in pronunciation or the endings. Chinese, on the other hand, has no similarities to Western languages. In Western civilization, often our countries are very interlinked even without us knowing it. If you consider South America and the fact that the prevalent languages there are Portuguese and Spanish, you can see that we are much more closely linked to European counties than China. 

The UK BBC website has a very good section about beginning to learn Chinese and gives tips as well as tongue twisters to help you begin to get your head around the huge differences in their language ( Chinese writing is made up of pictures rather than what we would consider letters and so even learning the alphabet can be a real challenge.
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1Simple – just say "Ni Hao ma" pronounced "Knee How mar".
    The first two words have rising tones, the "mar" has no tone.. (tones are fairly important in Chinese language.. But if you don't get them right, you'll probably still be understood!)
I don't know what you're saying. Wo3 bu4 dong3.

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Its Ni Hao Ma?, you say you are chinese american but you obviously can't speak chinese well. Btw you can say Jintian hao ma? Exact translation means today good, which also mean today are you well. Posh chinese say Jintian ni hao ma?
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How Are You is 你好吗? in Chinese,Chinese Pinyin is ni hao ma?
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I'm Chinese American, which means I speak chinese and english, and the thing I just said wasn't what you were looking for, ha ha.

Okay, let's get to the point.

How are you is the same as saying hello in chinese. Hello in chinese is ni hao, and guess what? How are you is ni hao too, ain't that easy or not?
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Ni Hao Ma

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