What Does Swamped Mean?


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The word 'swamped' is another form of the word swamp which can be used both as verb and as a noun. When you are using the word as a noun it conveys the phenomenon of an area of ground that is almost covered with water and even if not covered with water it is certainly wet. You can find numerous plants and trees growing in the area. The synonymous term that can be used to convey the same idea is marsh and the sentence that can illustrate the meaning of the term is following: Be careful in this area as it consists of many swaths of swamps. The sentence is used to convey that there are many places that are quite wet so the person is warning somebody before going in such kind of place.

When you are using the term as a verb you should try to use it only in its passive form and you can use it to convey the idea of giving something a lot to do that they can not handle.

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