What Does Syringe Mean?


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Syringe is a medical instrument used to inject or draw fluids from the body of an organism. In medicine, it is used along with a hypodermic needle to inject liquid medication into the body. The procedure of fitting the syringe with the needle and giving the medication by injecting it into the body tissue is known commonly as injection.

There are three things in a syringe-a hollow needle, which is attached to a tube and a plunger. The plunger is used to direct the flow of the fluid. When the plunger handle is pressed down, the fluid is forced out through the needle. When the plunger handle is retracted or pulled back, the fluid is drawn into the tube.

The syringe was first introduced in the mid 1800s and since then has progressively been enhanced with the development of new materials and designs. Today, it has become such an indispensable medical tool, so much that the syringe is synonymous with a doctor. Syringes are usually disposable because a reusing them or sharing them (especially the needles) with another person can lead to transmission of many blood-borne diseases.

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