What Does Infra Mean?


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Infra means below
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The word infra has its origin in Latin and is obtained from the word infrā. Infra is used an adverb, especially in writing. For example: vide infra. The words vide infra means see below. It refers to specific parts of a text. The word 'infra' means 'below' or 'beneath' or 'inferior to'. It could also mean beyond a particular limit. Infra could also be used as a prefix. For example: infrasonic. It means below the sonic waves or frequency.

Another example could be of infrared radiations. Infrared radiations mean the radiations that are 'below red'. These radiations have a wavelength that is shorter than the radio waves but beyond or longer than the visible radiations. Some words that mean infra are: after, subsequently, behind, afterward, finally, consequently, later, latterly, next, thereafter, next off, closely, coming up, following, behind, and succeeding.

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