What Does Enigmatic Mean?


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Enigmatic means something hard to understand, so people tend to make rough outlines and guesses based on their intuition.
Some people fear what they don't understand, Some people try to understand what they don't understand. When they try to understand they discover lots of other things and becomes fascinated on the subject.
In world war II there was an encrypting machine (a mechanical computer) to encode secret messages. This machine is called the Enigma.
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The word enigmatic has two meanings. Both the meanings are given below, one after the other, which is followed by a short description or example on each, for better understanding.

The first meaning of enigmatic is something that is unclear or not easy to understand. It refers to a comment, a person's attitude, or anything that is puzzling, and can therefore not be clearly explained. E.g.: The teacher has created an enigmatic marking system.

The second meaning of enigmatic is- resembling an oracle in obscurity of thoughts. This meaning of enigmatic refers to something being solemnly prophetic.

Talking about the part of speech that 'enigmatic' represents, the word 'enigmatic' is an adjective. The noun form of this word is 'enigma', and its adverb form is 'enigmatically'.
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Defined as perplexing/mysterious.
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