What Does Mystic Mean?


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As an adjective the term mystic means of or pertaining to religious mysteries or even occult rites and practices. It could mean of or pertaining to mystics or mysticism. It could be employed to mean inspiring a sense of wonder and mystery. It could simply be used to mean mysterious; strange; or enigmatic; obscure. It could mean mystical.

As a noun, it refers to a person who practices or simply believes in mysticism or in a given form of mysticism. A mystic or religious mystic usually refers to one who has belief in the existence of realities that are beyond human comprehension. Synonyms for the word mystic include the terms mysterious, occult, mystical, orphic, secret, obscure, and enigmatic.

The term has its roots in the Middle English word mystic; from the Latin term mysticus; from the Greek word mustikos; from mustes, meaning initiate.

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