What Does Sergeant Mean?


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The term sergeant has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word servus which means slave. It was later modified and meant public official. Medieval Latin altered it as serviens (servant); Old French as sergent; and Middle English as sergeaunte meaning a common soldier. Sergeant is a non-commissioned rank in the Army or Marine Corps of United States. This rank is held below staff sergeant and above the corporal sergeant. Even any of the ranks in Army, Air Force or Marine Corps of United States is termed sergeant. For example: staff sergeant; gunnery sergeant.

A person appointed to the rank of any sergeant is called sergeant. A police officer who holds a rank that is below the rank of an inspector, lieutenant or captain is also termed sergeant. The rank he holds is also called sergeant.
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I don't know but I know its a long definition and has to do with the world war 2 and stuff

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