What Is Mean By Journal?


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The first business book in which the transaction of the business are recorded is called a journal. In a journal business transactions are recorded in chronological order i.e. In the same order in which they occur or record date wise recording entries. Each record of the journal is called entry. The journal is also called the book of original entry or day book. In the journal the entry is an analysis and describing the effect of the transaction upon the account of business units. Each entry of the journal must have explanation in words form which is called narration. Before a journal entry is passed in journal, it is necessary to decide for each transaction, what are the accounts involved. It is also necessary that the accounts to be debited or credited are identified.  The journal is divided into five (5) columns in which data enter in respect of each transaction.    1.DATE              In the date column year is written at the top of the column of the each page of journal and the next line of date column write the month and date.    2.PARTICULARS              The particular column is the column for written the account detail either its debit or credit account. The name of the debit account is written at the extreme left side of the column. While the credit account title is written the next line with the prefix "to". The symbol "dr" belongs to the debit account while "cr" belongs for credit account. After written the account dr and cr next line gives the short description about transaction its called narration. End of narration think line is drawn all through the particulars column to indicate that the entry of the transaction has been completed.    3.LEDER FOLIO (L.F)              The ledger folio column to the next column after particular column is fill after the posting the ledger account. In the column we write the page no of the ledger where account is posted.    4.AMOUNT  DEBIT                The debit amount is recorded in the opposite he title of the debit. The unit of measurement is the currency of the country or which business doing trade.    5.CREDIT AMOUNT                                            The credit amount is recorded in the opposite he title of the debit. The unit of measurement is the currency of the country or which business doing trade.
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Journal is the original entry book of Accounting. It contains 5 columns i.e. Date, Particulars, Ledger Folio, Debit and credit.  Every transaction is recorded under the rule of Double Entry Book Keeping system. It resembles Newtons 3rd Law of Motion. Equal in magnitude but opposite in direction.
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The step of accounting process in which the transaction are recorded in a date wise order is called journal.
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A journal is a record of events like a diary. Some people keep a daily journal.

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