What Does Stench Mean?


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The word stench is defined as malodour. A malodour or a stench is a distinctive odour which is offensively unpleasant. The word odour is the universally accepted spelling. It is the British (or Commonwealth) spelling of the word. The American English of the word odour is odor. It is the object of perception of one's sense of olfaction. Odours are also known as smells.

The word stench is basically used to describe an odour which is unpleasant. The terms scent, fragrance or aroma is the antonym of the word odour. The words fragrance, scent and aroma are used mainly by the food and cosmetic industries to describe an odour which is pleasant.

An odour is a chemically dissolved in air. It is generally at a very low concentration. The word stench is similar in meaning to the word stink. The word fragrance, which is an antonym of the word stench, is also used to define perfumes.

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