What Does It Mean When Someone Says "Wake Up And Smell The Coffee"?


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It is often said to a person who is oblivious (not paying attention) to what is going around on them. Example: Mary's husband comes home late five nights a week smelling of perfume. He has lost interest in her and seems distracted. Mary is discussing this with her friend who tells her "Mary, wake up and smell the coffee" meaning "open you eyes - your husband may have another woman!".
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Have you heard the phrase "That was a wake up call"? In addition to Boris' answer, I would say that this phrase might be used similarly to imply that someone is mentally coasting (like sleepy, not alert) and needs to be actively thinking, not dreaming. An example might be when one is in their mid-fifties meets with their new personal accountant, who discovers that there has been no retirement planning. Wake up and smell the coffee! Would be a phrase meant to say - Hey- this is a situation that's right in front of your nose and pretty hard to miss-- better wake up and pay attention!
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Wake up and smell the coffee, You might be living in a fantasy world in the real world try to get focused on what is around you.
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Face the facts....
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It means they've got the coffee pot on the boil, and you can already whiff the aroma some.
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It means tht they r waking you up, and by mking it interesting they said "coffee" hahah

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