What Does Shammah Mean?


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The word Shammah is a name and is believed to mean something like a "desert". It can also probably mean desolation, astonishment and loss. It is a masculine name and has its roots in the Hebrew Bible.

It is believed that the son of one Agee was the mighty man Shammah. He was believed to have been one of the three heavies or mighty men of legend who were employed by King David. He is known to have been extremely brave and mighty. He is attributed with having single handedly defeated a trop of Philistines when the rest of his Israeli comrades fled. Besides this Shammah there are an additional two or three that find passing mention in the Bible. They are Shammah, a duke of Edom as mentioned in Gen. 36:13, 17, then there is also the Shammah mentioned at Sam 16:19 and believed to be the offspring of Jesse.
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The Shammah of God is an admonition from God found in Deut 6:5 it is his heart beat

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