What Does Josephine Mean?


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It means god increases and I'm amazed because josephine is my name
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Josephine is a name given to a girl. It is the female version of the name Joseph. The word Josephine has a Hebrew origin meaning "God increases." There are nearly 35 variant forms of the name like Finetta, Joline, Joey, Josefa and Josefina among many others. Though the name is a popular first name, it does not rank quite high as a last name or a surname.

Josephine was an empress of France who reigned over the kingdom as the wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. She was born in the year 1763 and was known as Marie Josèphe prior to her marriage to Alexandre de Beauharnais in the year 1779. Two children were borne from the marriage Eugène, who later became the viceroy of Italy and Hortense, who was later crowned as the queen of England.

Josephine's husband Alexandre was guillotined during the French Revolution of 1794 and she was sent to prison for a brief period. In the year 1796, she was married to Napoleon Bonaparte, whom she had met through a common friend Paul Barras, a French revolutionary. The marriage was prior to the crowning of Napoleon as an emperor. During her time as the wife of Napoleon, she took an active part in improving the social life of the French. She was crowned as the queen in the year 1804.

The courtship and marriage lasted for 13 years after which the marriage was annulled by Napoleon in the year 1809 because he believed that she was infertile. Napoleon later married Marie Louise, the daughter of the Australian emperor Francis I. Josephine had to renounce her queen-ship in the year 1809 and lived the rest of her life in retirement at Malmaison. She died in the year 1814.

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