What Does Pia Mean?


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The word pia is defined as the innermost of the three meninges which invest the brain and spinal cord. It is one of the most delicate vascular connective tissue membranes. It is closely adherent to the neural surface. When combined with the arachnoid, it comprises the leptomeninges.

It is a formal process which is used to identify and assess the implications of privacy. It is usually used in the case of an online authentication solution for the government. It is the acronym for the phrase program indoctrination agreement.

It is also defined as a release for those offenders who are eligible for parole. These are the offenders who are serving sentences in prisons that are out-of-state, federal facilities or state and county jails. It is also the amount on which all monthly social security cash benefits are based. The PIA of a worker is computed on the basis of his or her average indexed monthly earnings under social security.

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