What Does The Name Mann Mean?


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Mann is basically a surname of Germanic and also disjointedly of Punjab derivation. It translates into roughly as "person" or "man". It date backs to the 9th century. The surname in Punjab is originated in the northern state of India. And here it literally means 'honour'. This surname is very much widespread among the Sikh people.

Some of the notable personalities with this surname are Henry Manne (American academic in the field of law and economics), Robert Manne, Shelly Manne (American jazz drummer) and Gian Singh Maan.

Notable persons holding the surname of Mann are Aimee Mann (American rock guitarist, bass player, singer, and songwriter), Anthony Mann (American actor and film director), Barry Mann (American songwriter), Bruce Mann, Carol Mann (American championship golfer), Charles C. Mann (American journalist & author), Colette Mann (Australian actress), Coramae Richey Mann, Daniel Mann, Erika Mann (German actress and writer, daughter of Thomas Mann), Frank Mann (English cricketer), George Mann (English cricketer, son of Frank Mann), John Mann (British actor), Sally Mann, to name a few.

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